Overview - Wish Bot

Wish Bot facilitates system-generated wishes for all users on their birthdays, marriage anniversaries and work anniversaries!

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Configure Wish Details

Employee details uploaded by the company admin
  • Type Update in wish bot chat window
  • The bot provides a template for data upload
  • Update required details in the template and save the file
  • Drag and drop the file in the Wish bot chat window
Self detail upload by employees

Wish bot provides you with an option to allow employees to update their details(like date of birth, date of marriage, etc.) on their own.

Also, there is an option to automatically ping the users via the bot to add their details(if not already present).

Admins can decide on the frequency for this ping.


Automated Wish post

The Wish bot would automatically post in the specified group/user timeline on the special occasions.


Remind the managers to make it special!

Want to give managers a heads-up regarding upcoming occasions in their team?

Why not send them automated reminders in advance?

Click here to know more about enabling this feature!


Automatically get the job anniversaries synced with Workplace user's profile information!

What an idea it is to automatically sync employees' joining dates and wish them on their job anniversaries!

Click here to know more about enabling this feature!


As an admin, you can track Wish post penetration with charted counts of likes, comments, reactions and views. You can also monitor bot usage stats.

You can download all these reports in the required format for future reference.


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