Overview - Task Bot

Task bot is a productivity and task management tool on Workplace. Below is a detailed guide explaining the functioning of the Task bot and possible use cases.

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What makes it so special??

Create a task on Workplace

Any Workplace user of the company can create a task using Task bot in two ways:

Persistent Menu

User can click on persistent menu and select Actions menu from the list.

  • Click on persistent menu button on the left-hand side task bot chat interface
  • Click on Actions
  • Click on New Task which will open a webview where user can add/edit details including description and due date for the task. User can also assign the task to any other Workplace user by entering his email in task details
  • You can choose to auto-remind the assigned agent to complete the tasks. You can choose the date of reminders as well.
  • You can create recurring tasks, by choosing to repeat them after specific intervals(daily,weekly,etc.)
  • Click on Save Changes to update the details of task. If task is assigned to any user then it will send a notification of created task.

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Mention Task bot
  • Mention in posts/comments

    Any user can create a task by mentioning the task bot in the comment of a post or while creating a new post. User can define the assignee user by mentioning the assignee along with task bot. Syntax - @Task bot @UserName in comments

    Task will keep the URL of the post for description reference.

    Task bot will notify about new task creation to both owner and assignee of the task. Both the users can update the details of newly created task.

  • Mention in group chat

    You can assign tasks to yourself or any of the group members by mentioning the bot in the chat window, stating the task and tagging required users.
    Syntax - @Task bot @UserName1 @UserName2 Create a document for the upcoming Knowledge Sharing session

    Task will inform the users and update the task status in the chat window as well as individually.

    You need to add the task bot in the group, so that you can tag it within the chat window.

    Task bot will notify about new task creation to both owner and assignee of the task. Both the users can update the details of newly created task.


Edit or Delete a task

You can edit a task until it is marked as complete.

  • On your Task bot chat window, click on the persistent menu (three horizontal lines on the left-handside of the chat window or swipe up for mobile apps), click on View Tasks
  • Choose the task you want to edit by clicking on View
  • Click on Edit, click on the Save button after making the required changes.
  • Click on Delete Task to delete the task.

Automated reminders

A User can set a reminder with every task.

Task bot will remind the user about the task at the specified time.


Mark a task as complete

  • Click on Assigned To me or Assigned by me in the persistent menu.
  • A list of assigned/ created tasks will appear.
  • Click on View button of the specific task
  • Click on Mark as complete when the task is complete.
  • An immediate notification would be sent to the users involved in the task loop (task creator,assignee(you) and post notifications on the group).
task-persistant task-persistant task-persistant


As an admin you can -

  • Gather vivid insights about Task creation timelines, top task creating locations and departments
  • Dissect usage analytics on Tasks created Vs Tasks completed

You can download all these reports in the required format for future reference.


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