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add remove What is Task bot?

Task bot is a comprehensive productivity and task management tool that helps Workplace users to manage their day to day activities.

Configuring Task bot can be easily activated on Workplace by registering on Huminos

A Workplace user can create a task in two ways -

  • via a comment to a post by mentioning the Task bot and the user (e.g. @Task @username)
  • by opening the bot in Workchat window and clicking on the menu button(three horizontal lines) on the left-hand side. Click on New Task and provide the task details.

Any Workplace user can add a new Task.

If the task is created from the group post, it can be assigned to any member of that group. Also, if the task is created from Workchat window, it can still be assigned to single (either via group chat or Task bot chat window) or multiple Workplace users (given they are a part of the chat group in which the bot too is a member).

Yes you can! When a task is created the bot pings the user on Workchat to edit the task by giving a title, adding notes etc. A task can be scheduled by editing and picking the date and time from the Workchat window.

Yes. Reminders can be for individual tasks and the bot reminds the user on Workchat window that the task is due for completion.

Yes, you can create a recurring task by checking the recurring checkbox while creating the task.

Yes, you can create group tasks by following the syntax - @Task bot, @user1 name, @user2 name,..... , in posts/comments or group chats. You need to add Task bot as a member of that group chat

Yes. By clicking on the persistent menu button (three horizontal lines on the left-hand side of the window), you can -

  • Tasks created by him/her
  • Tasks assigned to him/her by clicking on the menu in the Workchat window
Task bot provides many powerful charts to manage the issue resolution process.
Examples include -
  • Month wise trend chart of Tasks created, completed etc.
  • Total task created and completed

Analytics is available to administrators who activate the Task bot. New admins can be added anytime by the existing admins.