Participate in a Survey/Quiz

User can start participating in Survey/Quiz using workchat in web application on browser or mobile application. Respond to the invitation message by selecting option Yes and start answering the questions asked by the bot.

Whenever users are invited for a quiz or survey, they receive notification on workchat and they can follow the instructions to complete the survey/quiz

To find the pending survey/quiz, user can click on the Action button from persistent menu in workchat or type #mysurvey to the bot to view list of all the pending surveys. Then select Start button to participate in the selected survey.

The survey/quiz remain open for the participation if it is not closed manually by the admin or auto close date is provided at the time of survey setup.

Survey Action
Survey Invitation
Survey Completion

If the survey type is Open Survey (Allow Multiple Response) then the user can participate in the same survey and provide their response multiple times. When you type #mysurvey the first element in the list will be for all the open surveys created in your company. You can select to view open surveys and can participate in the survey.

Below video explains Web-view Survey/Quiz participation

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