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What is Survey bot?

Survey bot allows creation of surveys and quizzes with real time updates on the participation.
Since it is a generic bot, it can be used for various use cases within an organization.

Please go the following link to learn more about creating surveys: Create Survey or Quiz

Simple steps to create group surveys using formatted text –

  • Select any group for which users, you want to create the Survey
  • Go to “Write Post” section and select “Format Text” option
  • Write your survey in this format -
    • # Survey Name
    • ## Question 1
    • * Answer 1
    • * Answer 2
    • ## Question 2
    • * Answer 1
    • * Answer 2
  • Write @Survey in the comment section and select the survey bot coming in options. After selecting the bot, type start to publish the survey.
  • Write @Survey in the comment section and select the survey bot coming in options. After selecting the bot, type start to publish the survey.

Simple steps to create a survey using Excel in Chat Bot –

  • Invoke the Survey Bot in chat window and create a secret group.
  • Once the group is created, Bot will provide you a secret key.
  • Share the key with the users and ask them to join the group using the key.
  • Create a survey in that group as mentioned earlier and all the users in the group will be able to participate.

  • Bot will publish real time stats of the survey once users starts participating.
  • You can also type Result in chat window and bot will respond with all the surveys user has created with their status as active and closed.

If the survey is created using Markdown text, the creator of the survey can also post results in same group. In the comment select Survey bot (@Survey) and type result. Bot will post the result in the group and auto comment with the link to the post.

Type my surveys in the chat window. Click Select option given along with the particular survey, it will provide you with the quick option - Nudge - It will notify all the users who have not taken the survey.

You can also nudge the users web dashboard of the Survey bot. Click on Manage tab from the web dashboard. Choose your survey, click on Invite Users and then click on Nudge users.

There are two ways to close a Survey:

  • Dashboard - Please go to survey bot on dashboard, select the Manage tab on left navigation, hover over the survey and you will find option to close the survey
  • Chat - Type my surveys on chat and select the survey you wish to close, in the quick replies you will find an option to close the survey
Once a survey is closed, no new users will be able to participate in it

We are an ISO 27001 compliant organization and follow industry best practices to protect your data. The transmission of data only happens over HTTPS using TLS 1.2 and data at rest is encrypted using AES-256. Our application is hosted on world's largest cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Yes, you can create a recurring survey. While creating survey through a web form, just check on the recurring option

Go to the web dashboard of the Survey bot. Click on Manage tab, click on Create, choose Create Quiz and enter the required description.

Yes, you can choose to make the survey anonymous by checking on the anonymous option while creating the survey through a web form.

Yes, you can use the jump/skip logic feature wherein you can design the survey to skip a few questions or jump to a different question, depending on the user’s response to previous questions. You can design a specific route for users based on their response.