Create Survey/Quiz

There are multiple ways in which a Survey can be created and you can pick the way suits you the most.

Create a survey via web form

To use this option, you should be an admin with an account on huminos
After logging in to your account, please go to the Manage section in left navigation. Click on the Create button, choose Use a web form option and then choose the Create a survey option (which is selected by default)

Select type web form

Once you select the option, you can proceed to enter the survey details in the form

  • Survey Title - Enter the name of the survey e.g. Engagement Survey, Meeting feedback etc.
  • Survey Description - This helps participants to understand the purpose of your survey.
  • Attempt Platform Type - This option provides the flexibility to choose how the bot interact with participants
    • Chat: In this mode, the questions and response are sent on Work Chat in a conversational flow and once a user responds to a question, the next question is sent. This is great choice for short surveys with limited options.
    • Web-view: In this mode, a web-view is displayed inside the Work Chat with multiple questions and options displayed together. This method also supports additional question types such as checkbox, scale, dropdown and star rating which are not feasible in the earlier option.
  • Submit Multiple Responses - This option allows the user to submit multiple responses to the same survey. This is useful in scenarios where you need forms which the users can access and respond multiple times.
  • Schedule - Trigger the survey later on selected date and time.
    • Once: You can provide an upcoming date & time to send the survey invitation.
    • Recurring: This option allows you to send the survey to the participants at given intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Auto Close Date- Provide a date in advance to close the survey. Once the survey is closed, the users cannot submit their responses
  • Anonymous- No personal information of the participants such as name, email is provided in survey results.
  • Survey Image/VideoYou can upload any image or video with the survey to inform the users or provide context of this survey. This is also useful for micro-learning

Create survey using excel template in the huminos's web dashboard

This option allows creating a survey using an excel file on the Huminos platform quickly.

The steps are mentioned below:

  • Go to the Survey bot Dashboard
  • Click on Manage tab on the left navigation
  • Click on the Create button on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Choose Upload an excel file option
  • Download the excel file template after clicking on Download Sample file link
  • Update and upload the excel file with the survey details in the required format

On successful creation of the survey, you will be redirected to the user participation tab for inviting users.

You can provide survey title, description, scheduling details, anonymous, attempt platform type and some question types in the excel sheet.

NOTE: You will not be able to provide the survey image/video, advanced recurring option & allow multiple response details in excel upload. You can change this later using Edit Survey option.

Select type excel upload form Select type excel upload form

Create survey using excel in chat

This option allows creating a survey using an excel file using Survey bot.

The steps are mentioned below:

Just type Create Survey in chat bot and a message with excel template will be provided by the bot. Download that Excel sheet and fill in the details  such as  survey name, question, their type (single choice, attachment, image-based or free text ) and option with each question.

Additionally, you can invite the users in two ways -

  • Enter the group id (the members of which will be invited to the survey).
  • Group Id can be selected from the Group URL.
  • Copy the URL/Group Id and paste it in the chat
  • For multiple groups you can also paste multiple comma separated group ids to trigger survey to members of those groups

Your survey with 5 questions has been processed.

How do you wish to add participants?

From a group Excel file of users
From a group

Please enter group id or upload the excel containing all the group ids you wish to send the survey



Your survey has been created. We're triggering the survey out to all 120 participants. Your survey is now live!

  • Add an excel sheet consisting of the user email-ids.
  • Upload the same to survey bot.
  • Survey Bot will verify all the user e-mails and notify them to participate in the survey.

How do you wish to add participants?

From a group Excel file of users
Excel file of users

Sure! Please upload an excel file with the email addresses of all participants in this format.



I am validating the emails and will update you once I am done.

Your survey has been created. We're triggering the survey out to all 120 participants. Your survey is now live!

Create Survey in a group with Formatted Text

This option allows a user to quickly create survey in an existing group.

  • Select the target group, members of which will participate in the Survey
  • Go to Write Post section and select Format Text option
  • Write your survey in the below format
  • The post would look like this as shown in the adjacent image
  • Write @Survey in the comment section and select the Survey bot from the suggestions. After selecting the bot, type start to publish the survey. Ex: @Survey start
  • The bot will publish the survey in that particular group and notify all the members of the group. You will see an automated comment by bot once the survey is published.
  • The bot will publish real-time stats of the survey once users start submitting their responses.
  • The creator of the survey can post the results in that group. In the comment, select Survey bot (@Survey) and type result e.g. @survey result The bot will post the result in the group and also create a comment with link to the post
  • The creator of the survey can nudge the group members who have yet not participated. Tag survey bot in comments and type @Survey nudge.

Useful commands for the Survey bot

You can interact with the bot by mentioning the bot and commenting on the post

  • @Survey results - To create a new workplace post with results
  • @Survey nudge - To remind users to take survey
  • @Survey close - To close the survey
  • @Survey join - To participate in the survey, in case you have missed the original prompt
Markdown survey in Workplace group

Create Quiz

You can also create a quiz with the Survey bot. You can use the quiz option for learning activities, assessments etc.

Click on Manage option on the left navigation of Survey Bot dashboard, click on Create button, click on Use a web form option, and choose the Create Quiz radio box.

  • Fill the details of the quiz like name, description and result declaration type
  • Quiz result can be declared to the users in one of the following ways:
    • Declare on completion - Result is declared (to the user) as soon as the quiz is completed.
    • Declare on a specific date - Result is declared on a pre defined date (defined by the survey creator) to all the users.
    • Do not declare - Result is not declared to the user.
    • Declare on closing date - Result is declared on the date the quiz is closed (closing date of the quiz)
  • You can schedule the quiz or create a recurring quiz (i.e. once every week, month, etc.)
  • Add questions with minimum two options (and select the correct answer for evaluation)
    We also provide some pre-defined question types which you can choose directly from the drop-down menu. know more

Attach media in a quiz or survey

You have an option to attach an image or video as a preface to a survey or quiz. Additionally, while creating a survey you can add an image with the questions.

This is useful when you would like to do a quick assessment on the information shared in the media

Attach media in survey
  • Click on Add Questions button to save your given details and proceed to add questions to your survey.
  • You can attach a media (Image or Video) with your survey. This can be used to give a visual introduction to a survey. Also, it is also possible to add images in your survey questions.
    • To attach a media in the survey - Click on the Attach Image button on the top-right corner of the screen. You can then upload the attachment.
    • To attach an image in the survey question - Add your question text, type, options and mark the correct answer as well. After you have successfully added the question, on hovering over it, you would see a camera icon, click on it to attach an image to the particular question.
Attach media in quiz
  • You can also attach media with the quiz. Click on the Attach Image button on the right-hand side of the screen. You can then select the type of media matching the specifications mentioned with each media type.
attach-media attach-media

Copy an existing survey's content to create a new survey!

You may want to copy the content of a previously created survey and create a new survey with same or partially edited content. Save yourself the trouble of recreating similar surveys by using this feature.

Click on Manage tab on the web page for Survey bot, choose the survey which you want to copy, click on the menu button(3 vertical dots) on the right side of the chosen survey and click on the Copy button. A new copy of the survey is created and you can then make any changes to this survey. Once that is done you can invite users to participate in the survey send the invites.


See Also

Now that you have created your basic setup of survey/quiz, you may want to read about how to add questions, available options and send invitation to participants.

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