Configurations - Survey Bot

As an admin you can choose the following configurations for the bot. On the Survey bot dashboard, click on Configuration

  • Only admin group members can create surveys

    Check Restrict survey creation to allow only members of a specific workplace group to create surveys.

    Create Workplace group with all bot admins

    Add the group with the list of admins in Admin Group Name field Only these users will be able to create surveys with this configuration is active

  • Ensure a prior admin/manager approval before triggering a survey to target users

    With this configuration, you can activate approvals of surveys before they are sent to the users

    You can choose to take the approval in one of the following ways:

    • Approvers group - Enter the name of a Workplace group which has all your intended approvers as members. Whenever a user would try to create a survey, the bot would first request the members of this group for approval before triggering the survey.
    • Reporting Manager - Requests the reporting manager of the creator for approval(if Reporting Manager is not available, requests members of the Approver Group)

  • User Limit threshold

    Admins can specify a user count threshold and only when that exceeds, the surveys will be sent for approval. For example if the user count threshold is set as 20 and a survey is created for 15 users, then the survey will be triggered automatically without any approval (even if you have specified an approval process).
    This way you can enable approval for surveys which target a large audience.
    In case you want approval before every survey, you can set the threshold as 0.

  • Company Working days & hours

    As an admin, you can set working days & hours, to prevent the bot from sending any auto-reminders for completing pending surveys out of their working day & hours.

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