Add Participants

Let's learn how we can add users to the survey or quiz created using workplace chatbot. If you have created the survey using the workplace chat interface, the participants will be added once you provide the workplace group id or upload the excel file with user emails.
If the survey is not scheduled or requires approval, participants are instantly notified about the survey.

How to Invite users to Survey/Quiz?

Customize Invitation & Completion Message

In this section, you can customize the invitation message & completion message for each survey/quiz. Just click on Edit link, write your message and click on Save. If you do not wish to change the message you can use the default message that comes for each survey/quiz.

You can add placeholder in the message which will be replaced with user name and survey title while sending the message.

  • ${userName} - Replaced with the user name who is receiving the invitation message
  • ${title} - Replaced with the survey name in the invitation message
NOTE: Completion message does not support the ${userName} placeholder variable.

Survey start & Completion message

Preview Survey/Quiz

This functionality can be used to test your created survey/quiz before sending out to all the participants.

To Preview your survey/quiz click on the button Preview Survey/Quiz and it will send you a notification (Invitation message) on workchat to start the survey preview.

You can preview both the workchat & the Webview surveys using this functionality.

Survey/quiz preview

Invite users from groups or email excel upload

Once you have tested your Survey/Quiz using the Preview Feature, you can select your participants either using workplace group or upload an excel file of emails for specific users.

There are three options to select your survey/quiz participants

  • All Users- Select this option and click on Notify Users and it will start sending the invitation message to all members
  • Add Members From Workplace Group - You can send the survey to the members of specific workplace group in your instance. Search for the group and it should start appearing in the suggestion list. You can add multiple groups. Please note you will only see the groups in the suggestion list for which you are an administrator on Workplace.
  • Upload User Excel File - You can send survey to specific users using excel file containing their emails
    You will be able to download the sample file when you select the option.

If the survey is scheduled & recurring, it will start sending the message on the scheduled date & time. No user will get any notification at the time you are adding the participants.

Add survey participants

Nudge & Invite new users

Once the survey is live and participants are invited to the survey/quiz, you can Nudge or Invite More Users to existing survey/quiz.

There are 3 options to select your survey/quiz participants

  • Nudge Participants - Click on the button to send reminders to the users who have not yet completed the survey/quiz. A workchat notification is sent to these users.
  • Add More Users - Adding more users to your survey/quiz depends on initial method of adding participants for the survey.
    • All Users-If you have triggered the survey to all users, then click on the button Add More Users, the bot will start finding new users in the organization and start sending notification to complete the survey.
    • From Workplace Group-If you have triggered the survey in a workplace group, then click on the button Add More Users and the bot will start finding the new users in the tagged group and start sending notification to complete the survey.
    • From Email Excel Upload-If you have triggered the survey to specific user using excel upload, you need to provide a another excel file with the list of new users.
Nudge & Add survey participants

Download & view user participation status

Once the survey is live and participants are invited to the survey/quiz, you can see the Participation Status of the users in Invite Users tab.

You can view all the users invited to the survey/quiz and filter them based on their status i.e. pending & completed.

  • All - Users who are invited for the Survey/Quiz with their status.
  • Pending - Users who have not yet started or completed the Survey/Quiz
  • Completed - Users who have completed the survey

You can download this data also in an excel file. Just click on the Download icon and you will receive the file in workchat.

Nudge & Add survey participants

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