Configurations - Pulse Bot

On the Pulse bot dashboard, click on Configuration tab on the left-hand side panel. This section allows the admin to configure the bot as per their customization.

  • Choose the trigger time for the pulse surveys according to your organization's convenience.

    You can adjust the trigger time for your pulse surveys by choosing from the drop down below.

  • Ensure the surveys reach the employees only on working days!

    You can choose the days which are suitable for triggering the survey. As per protocol, you must choose the working days for your organization. Users will get an option to choose among these days to set their preference for weekly pulse survey.

  • Checking your Employee Loyalty Score? How often?

    You can choose the frequency of the ELS survey by selecting among the time-periods - Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually. The frequency once chosen can’t be changed from the configuration page, you would need to contact our team at

Feel free to reach out for queries at