Overview - Meetup Bot

Chatbot that enables organizations of varying sizes to launch an interactive networking program by providing all employees with monthly introductions based on their aims and interests!

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Add/Update your interests

Meetup bot looks for suitable matches on the basis of common interests and likes. The answers provided to the specified questions, department, and location are the key variables in the matching algorithm used by the bot.

  • If you are in the meetup group provided by the admin, you would be receiving an automated message on Workchat by the bot - asking you to provide your interests. Just click on the Add my interests button.
  • You can update your preference at any time by clicking Update my interests button.

Share your feedback

After two week of the introduction, the bot would ask for your feedback on the meeting(if any). If you wish to share the feedback in a group you can type in your message to the bot itself.



As an admin, gather actionable insights into the meetup culture and trends in your organisation.

  • Measure bot usage and traction with data points like Total Matches, Meeting counts, Good feedback, etc.
  • View question-wise analytics on the response provided by the users.

You can download all these reports in the required format for future reference.

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