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add remove What is LMS bot?

LMS bot is a comprehensive Learning Management tool for Workplace. It is an interactive chatbot explicitly designed for the creation, administration, tracking, analyzing, reporting and launch of educational courses or training programs online.

Steps to create a course are - (Please check out our admin guide for more details)

  • You need to first create a learning group on Workplace.
  • Add all your content there.
  • On the LMS bot dashboard on Huminos
  • On the Manage tab, click on the Create New Course button
  • Map the course content in the Learning groups to added modules by dragging and dropping the posts
  • Add assessments
  • Launch/schedule the course

No, you can create as many courses as you want.

Yes, you can add multiple modules within a course.

Yes, you can choose to add assessments at the end of every module or at the end of entire course.

Yes, top scorers would appear in a list with the number of their assessments.

No only the learning admins(created by the bot admin) can create the courses.

Yes, the learner would receive a notification ping for the courses he/she has been invited too. She/he can also view the courses available to him/her by clicking on the persistent menu -> More For the courses that have been invited to (instructor led/nano learning courses) - click on View My Courses For self-learning courses (anyone can enrol for a self-learning course) - click on Available Courses

Types of courses that can be created are - Nano learning - courses with short timelines, example - data security induction course Self learning - courses which don’t require instructors and have no timelines, anyone can enrol for them anytime, example - Ethics policy course Instructor led - Have regular timelines with instructor defined course content and more competitive leaderboard, example - Java course

Following types of questions are supported

  • Yes/No
  • True/False
  • Guess the word
  • Single correct answer
  • More than one correct answer
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Identify the picture

Yes, you can choose a course competency like - economy, java, data security , etc. and add a new competency if the desired competency is not available. Learning levels - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced can be chosen according to the course difficulty.

No, you don’t need to download any software ! All you need is to install the bot and all your employees should have premier Workplace accounts.