Overview - Idea Bot

Idea bot allows users to express their new ideas against organization's functional themes.

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What makes it so special??

Got an Idea? Go ahead and share it!

Follow simple steps to create a new idea!

  • User creates a new idea by typing #create or select Actions followed by New idea from persistent menu.
  • Bot would ask a few specified questions to the user (which would provide required details about the idea)
  • Post

As an admin, accept/reject or edit the idea

The theme(under which the idea has been added) receives a ping from bot whenever any new idea posted theme. This message contains three options for intended action.

  • View - View post with the title and description of the posted idea
  • Accept or Reject - You can either accept the idea posted by user or reject it. Also, once an idea is rejected the bot would delete its post from the group as well.
  • Enable voting or View Voting status- Available only in the cases where the voting is configured as Let sponsor decide or Voting for all respectively.

Assign a champion to the !dea

Once an idea is accepted, sponsor needs to assign a champion who would be responsible for the successful implementation of the idea. An owner can either

  • Assign himself/herself as the champion by clicking Assign to Self
  • Assign an idea champion by clicking Assign Champion and tagging user(s) by clicking on the plus icon adjacent to Champions. You can add multiple champions.
    You can also assign champions by mentioning in the idea post. The owner should go to the Idea post and mention the bot along with the intended champions. Syntax - @IdeaBot #assign @user1 @user2

Get notified about all the updates on your ideas!

  • Ideator's notifications
    The ideator would be notified of all the ongoing udates on his/her idea (status change (accpeted/implemented/rejected) and posted remarks by Idea champions)
  • Theme Sponsor notifications
    Theme sponsor would be instantly notified of any ideas posted under his/her theme. Also, he would receive the voting details as soon as the voting threshold is reached(the specified number of users have voted on the idea).
  • Idea champion notifications
    Once the idea is assigned to champion(s) bot will notify the champions to work upon it. They will be provided with the option to update the status of the idea as well. Also, they are notified about the preconfigured nudges (to expediate the ideation process!)

Champions can update the status of their Idea implementation via Workchat!

Champion can update status of the idea to -

  • On hold - This signifies that the champion has currently put the idea implementation on On hold for some reasons. He/she can validate the reason by adding remarks.
  • In progress - This signifies that the champion has started working on the Idea implementation.
  • Implemented - This signifies that the idea has been implemented.
  • Rejected - This signifies that the champion has rejected the Idea implementation.

It can either be done when the champion is notified about his/her assignment for the idea implementation. or the champion can type my ideas in Workchat. They can see ideas created by them(My Ideas) and the ones assigned to them(Incomplete)


Vote on ideas, share and capture opinions!

All the targeted voting users are sent the idea notification ping and they can then upvote or downvote the idea. Stats would be shown to the admin after a specific threshold.

Why is voting on ideas important?

  • Voting helps in the democratisation of ideas. Employees feel that their opnions are valued and are hence more associated with the organisation.
  • Sponsors can take better decision after viewing the insights by the voters.
  • It encourages other users to participate in the ideation process.

Voting would close automatically on the provided auto-close date or when the idea status is changed to Accepted/Rejected.

Users can be nudged to vote - by the Theme sponsor.


Download ideation reports and capture vivid insights

Idea bot offers you detailed reports with complete ideation timelines. The reports can be filtered across various parameters like - status, time-period, user,etc. You can also view lucid analytics caoturing the following -

  • Usage analytics for chosen time-period
  • Top Idea Generators
  • Top Idea Themes
  • Top Idea Champions
  • Top Idea Locations
  • Top Idea Departments
  • Idea funnel
  • Idea create Vs Implementation timeline

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