Configurations - Idea Bot

Idea bot allows admins to configure various aspects of the chatbot and its functionality

  • Add new Idea theme to segment the incoming ideas -

    Click on the Add New Theme button on the right-hand side on theConfiguration tab of the Idea bot web dashboard.
    Enter the details of the theme namely -

    • Name - Name of the Theme - it can be an identfying department for example - Finance, HR, IT, etc.

    • Description - Description of the Idea theme

    • Sponsor - The owner of the theme. All the ideas coming under a particular theme would be

    • Group - You can either make a new Workplace group or choose among the existing groups. All the ideas under this theme would be posted in the mentioned group. Please note you need to be an admin of the group you mention here.

    • Enable Voting - Choose whether or not you want to enable voting on ideas under this theme. You can disable voting for all ideas, make it default for all ideas or let the sponsor decide for every posted idea. You can also customise your own voting appeal text and specify a voting threshold (sponsor would get an automated pong displaying voting details whenever the total count of users who have voted for the idea reaches the specified threshold.) You can also specify the date on which you want the voting to end on ideas. If not specified, voting would be closed only after the idea has been accepted/rejected.

  • Click on Manage Sponsors which will let you add or delete sponsors for the chosen theme. Also, you can edit, deactivate or delete the theme by choosing the given options on the particular theme.

  • You can enable the auto-nudge feature and configure different types of nudge frequencies ofr agents and sponsors. You can also choose the Working days and hours. Nudge would be automatically sent out by the bot accordingly.

  • You can congratulate the ideators via an automated post whenever their idea is implemented. There are three options availabke -

    • Don't post - If you don't want the bot to make any post on Idea implementation.

    • Post on User's timeline - If you want the post to be made on the ideator's timeline. Please note that ecards can't be posten on User's timeline.

    • Post in a Workplace group - You can choose to make the post in a specified Workplace group.

    You can customise the congratulatory text, ecards and choose to tag the manager of the ideator in the congratultory post.

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