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Helpdesk bot enables organizations to leverage workplace and use it to answer employee queries. Users can ask their queries on the chat if they are unsatisfied with the response, it is then assigned to an agent for the selected desk. The responses shared by the agent are shared with the user on workchat.

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Create Service Desk

Go to Huminos and login to your account. Click on the Dashboard button of Helpdesk bot and select Configuration -> Manage Desk on the left navigation

Or admin can type #configure in Helpdesk Bot chat window in workplace chat. A message with configuration link and to regenerate that link again will appear. Click in Configure button. It will take the admin to Helpdesk bot web configuration page.

Setup a desk
  • Admin has to create a new desk. A desk refers to a function for which the admin wants to receive and segregate queries from the user e.g. IT, HR, Finance etc. Each desk must have a Workplace group tagged with it.
    Create a new desk using the “Add New Desk” button. Choose the type of desk you want to create -
    • Service Desk - It is a regular support desk where agents resolve unresolved user issues or queries. This is the preferred option to use the full functionality offered by the bot.
    • Autoresponder Desk - This desk is preferred in special scenarios where you want to send a standard message when a query is not resolved e.g. a message redirecting the user to another system for this desk.
      No further action like tagging agents or nudging them for status updates wil be performed for this type of Desk.
    Enter details of the desk and click on ADD.
    • Desk Name e.g. IT/HR/Finance etc.
    • Desk Owner (Email as registered in workplace)
    • Workplace Group (Create a group in workplace or select an existing group. If you don’t find your recently created group in the list please click on refresh icon near to that and search again for your group)
      NOTE: You must be the admin of the workplace group
  • If you do not enable the Select an existing group checkbox, it will create a new group in your Workplace and associate it with the desk.
  • If you already have a Workplace group to associate with the desk, click on the checkbox and type the
  • Click on ADD button.
create-task create-task

Create Auto Responder Desk

An auto responder desk helps the admins to send a standard reply as soon as the desk is selected by the user. It is to handle the edge cases where you want to send a standard reply to the user whenever they choose the particular desk. No further action such as tagging agents or nudging them for status updates are performed.

  • Click on Add New Desk button to create a new desk
  • Enter Desk Name and select the option Auto Responder Desk
  • Enter the response sent to the user when they select this desk
Auto responder desk chat

Create Desk Type For Service Desk

Once you have set up the functional desk, you can now add Desk Type within the desk to categorize the request coming from the user. You can define desk agent for specific Desk Type so that issue raised on particular desk type will be assigned to those agents if direct assignment is enabled in configuration.

e.g. you can create desk type like Internet, Email, Software Access within IT Helpdesk

  • Click on the link Add Desk Type available on Service Desk
  • Enter the desk type's TAT for resolution. It will send auto reminder based on the TAT to the assigned agent.
  • Enter the Email of the agent for the desk type
Auto responder desk chat

Add Desk Owner and Agent

Owners and Agents of desk are responsible for the ticket resolution raised by other users. One desk can have multiple owners and agents.

If the issue assignment type is Manual, then each ticket raised on the desk will go to the desk owner. Now it is the responsibility of the desk owner to assign the ticket to themselves or assign it to the available agents of the desk.

If the issue assignment type is Direct, then each ticket raised on the desk will go directly to the agent mapped with the desk for the resolution. If the desk does not have any agent then it will be assigned to the desk owner.

The role of user can be changed any time from the manage desk screen

All your desks will be available with the associated group and count of owner and agents with each desk. Click on Manage User Roles to add/delete admin from current desk. Clicking on Manage User Roles will open a new model with details of existing owner/agents for that desk and option to edit or delete a existing desk owner/agent roles and activate or deactivate a desk.

  • Go to the desk under Manage Desk screen
  • Click on Manage User Roles link available with each desk along with owner & agent count
  • Enter the Email of the owner/agent for the desk
Auto responder desk chat

Customize Desk Questions

The super admin of the bot can customize the questions asked when a given desk and type is selected by the user. By default there are three questions which are asked from the user while creating an issue i.e. issue title, description, and attachments.

Admin can change these default question or they can customize the questions based on the Desk. You can ask different question based on the desk e.g. IT, HR or Finance.

  • Go to Custom Question tab on dashboard
  • Add your questions in default section and enable it.
  • For desk specific question, click on Desk Specific tab
  • Enter you desk specific question and enable it.

Please make sure you mark question with Title and Mandatory Indicator which is referenced in chat when you see all your pending tickets.

Auto responder desk chat

Location Specific Desk

For large organizations which are present in multiple countries or locations, their functional department may also change with location. You can map the desk with locations or location labels while adding/editing the desk details.

The bot will use the user location present in Workplace and show the desks user which are only available for their location.

  • Add a new desk or click on Edit for existing desk
  • Select the dropdown of location, here you will find all the locations available in user profile on Workplace
  • If you have setup location labels for your bot, it will start appearing in the list
  • Select the location or location label for the desk and click on Save.

Desks which are not mapped with any location will be available for all users to create their service ticket.

Auto responder desk chat

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