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add remove What is Helpdesk bot?

Helpdesk bot is an internal issue tracking and ticketing system on Workplace. It automates answers of common queries or Frequently Asked Questions and provides flexible workflows to assign unresolved queries for resolution to agents all within Workplace.

Configuring Helpdesk bot requires setting up the following parameters: Activating the bot on Workplace by registering on Huminos followed by -

  • Setting single group or multiple groups in Workplace for issue posts. The posts would contain detailed timelines on issue resolutions.
  • Creating Service Desks - depending on Departments or an other factor on which you wish to segregate your issues.
  • Creating Issue Types for each Desk
  • Setting up TAT for issue types
  • Mapping Desks to Workplace groups ting where only the physically present users will be able to participate
  • Assigning desk one or more Owners to Desks
  • Setting up rules for issue assignment to Agents
  • Setting up Nudge frequency

Many organizations have implemented Workplace as the central platform for employee communication, collaboration and engagement. In addition to Workplace, companies also use SaaS based web platforms to manage work processes like service issue resolution. These web based tools are typically not integrated into Workplace and operate standalone at best integrated into a company’s intranet. Helpdesk bot operatives natively on Workplace itself thereby removing friction for users in navigating between multiple platforms.

A service desk is an internal process or function or service area. For example, HR, IT, Payroll etc.
A desk owner is typically an in-charge for an internal process or function within a desk.

An agent is the employee who works on issue resolution.

Each desk or function has one or more issue types. For example, Payroll function can have issue types like paystub not received, leave balance incorrectly showing etc.

Nudge is an auto reminder process used by the Helpdesk bot to periodically remind Desk Owners and Desk Agents to act, post and update the status of an issue.

Yes, you can add FAQs by using the Auto Answer feature. Admins can provide a variety of sample questions and corresponding response. The bot would smartly respond to all those questions(and also other questions with similar context) with the provided response.

Yes, you can add location labels and specific responses to questions based on the location.