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Auto Answers are predetermined responses to the frequently asked queries/issues. With auto answers, bot can be trained to answer common queries like - how to add an attachment in chat, what is the leave policy of the company etc. This saves valuable time of users and support executives.

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Add Intents For Auto Answer

How to enable Auto Answer for your Helpdesk Bot

To train your bot to answer the frequently asked questions, you need to enable the feature. Go to Helpdesk Dashboard and select Auto Answer option from the left navigation menu.

  • Click on the Enable Auto Answer button on the page
  • Enter the Nameof your auto answer app. It will create a training app for your bot.
  • Click on Save button.

Now that your app is created, click on in and you will find the button to Add Intent

What is an intent?

An intent is the intention of the user(s) query with the chatbot. The best way to illustrate the concept is by few examples. Take this phrase: ‘I would like to go to Puerto Rico’, here the intent can be categorized as ‘travel’. Now consider this phrase: ‘I plan to go to Puerto Rico this Sunday', the intent is still 'travel'. Hence, when you add an intent, you also add a few sample questions to train the bot to handle similar queries in future.

Click on the Add intent button. You have either add a single intent or upload multiple intents via an excel upload.

After you choose the Single radio button, enter the intent details, namely -

  • Intent - Identifying name of the intent (for your reference e.g. leave_policy etc.)
  • Description - Enter a suitable description. Please note that this would pop-up as when user decides to search for 'Related Issues' on similar query.
  • Default response - Enter the response you want the users to see in case their query matches with this intent. For example if user says - "Where is the leave policy?" or "How many leaves am I entitled to?" - they would match with the intent 'leave-policy' and you can choose a default response to be something like - "You are officially entitled to 22 days of leave in an year" The bot will give the same response to all the queries that match with a specific intent.
  • Location specific response - Click on the button to add responses specific to a location. Mention the Location (selected from location labels added for your organization ) and the applicable response.
  • Sample questions - Add a few sample questions that you think users may ask the bot for this intent. This will improve the effectiveness of the bot in understanding the query and providing accurate responses.

Click on the Bulk Upload button to upload the intents in bulk. Add all your intents with the required details and in the specified sample format and then upload the excel sheet. You will be notified via workplace chat about the status of your intent upload once its processing is completed.


Train the bot from searched queries

You can train the bot on-the-go where the users are not satisfied with the response sent by the bot. You can switch to User Request tab under your auto answer app. The User Requests section displays all the queries received by the bot and its response with the closest intent confidence value.

The confidence value explains how strongly the bot finds this to be a correct answer based on past trainings and available sample questions with each intent.

As an admin, you can train the bot via the Web dashboard. Click on the Auto Answer tab on the web dashboard. Go to the User requests tab, choose the user request for which you want to train the bot. Under the Actions column, click on the edit symbol to train. You can map the request to existing intents or add new intents.


Agents/Owners can train the bot as they resolve incoming issues.

  • Click on Update Status button for a specific issue.
  • As you choose the status as Resolved, you get an option to Train intent or enter remarks and resolve the request.
  • Choose from the existing set of intents or map to a new intent.
  • Provide the sample data for the training. It can be the ticket details or you can add your own sample question for this intent.
  • Click on update to finalize the changes

To enable (Training of user searched queries with issue update)this feature please write an email to


Location Specific Response

For large organizations which are present in multiple countries or locations, their response for FAQs also changes with location. You can associate the intent response with locations or location labels while adding/editing the response.

The bot will use the user's location derived from Workplace and show the response which are available for their location or the default response.

  • Select Location Specific response while adding the default response for the intent
  • Select the Location or Location Label for which you are adding the response
  • Enter the response sent to the user for their location.

If the user location is not present in Workplace or the location response is not associated, then the user will receive the default response.

Location Specific Response

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