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add remove What is Feedback bot?

Feedback bot enables team to easily share and gather feedback with their subordinates, peers and managers.

Feedback bot typically offers three ways to collect and share feedback –

  • Peer Feedback - Peer feedback allows employees to seek or give feedback. This can be initiated by the employees as and when required and it is without any restrictions.
  • Manager Feedback - Manager feedback provides a mechanism to managers to regularly ask their team members for feedback and provide their review on the same.
  • 360˚ Feedback - With 360˚ feedback, employees can collect feedback from their subordinates, colleagues or superiors and also create self-evaluations!

Yes, with peer and 360˚ feedback, you can collect feedback from any of your peers. Manager feedback can be initiated only by managers

User categories can be defined as various user roles/positions of responbility that an employee may have! It allows employees to seek a feedback from various perspectives. Examples of user cateogories can be - Team leader, Business Head, Department head, etc. Admins can add and configure various User categories for their organisation.

A contemporary and smart way for teams to get a comprehensive picture on an employee is to use 360˚ feedback. Traditionally, employees get feedback only from their direct managers, which creates a 1-1 feedback process. To get a more complete picture, you want to get feedback from as many sources as possible. And here, 360˚ feedback comes to your rescue!