Overview - Acronym Bot

Acronym bot enables you to bring all your organization specific jargon right within the Workplace and Workplace Chat. The admins of the bot can easily manage it using workplace chat or a comprehensive web dashboard.

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Learn how to use Acronym Bot

Add new Acronyms

Admins of the bot can add new acronyms or jargon directly through Acronym bot. Click on Actions option in the persistent menu in the chat window of Acronym Bot in Workplace Chat.

Admins can either add a single acronym or use upload multiple acronyms at once

Single Acronym

Click on Single Acronym Button. Add the acronym and its description. The acronym will be sent for review and approval to the admin (Admins can add directly without any approval). You can also attach media such as image, GIFs, links, videos or documents with the acronym

Multiple Acronyms

This feature is restricted to only admins of the bot. The admins of the bot are part of a workplace group associated with the bot (mentioned on the configuration page). Click on Multiple Acronyms Button. Acronym bot will provide a sample excel file. Download the excel file, fill your acronym details and upload it back to the workplace chat window of the bot. All the Acronyms will be added with the bot.

Add Acronym

Admin of the bot can upload the Acronym using the huminos dashboard in the All Acronyms sub menu under Manage menu in left navigation. Click on the button + Add Acronympresent in the top right corner.

  • Select the option for creating the Acronym>
    • Single Acronym
    • Bulk Upload
  • Single Acronym: Enter the details of the Acronym - Name, Description, External Link and Image if applicable and click on Save button.
  • Bulk Upload:Follow the below steps for uploading multiple acronyms
    • Download the sample excel file
    • Enter Acronym details in specified format
    • Save the file and Upload the Excel file in the modal
    • Click on Upload File button
Add Acronym

Bulk Update Acronyms

Bulk Update allows the admin to edit multiple acronyms using excel file upload. This saves admins time when they want to make changes or corrections across multiple acronyms. For updating multiple acronyms:

  • Click on the button Bulk Update on the top right corner in the Manage -> All Acronyms menu
  • First, Download the excel file consisting of all existing acronyms with their details
  • Update the acronym description
  • Add new acronym in the file and save the excel file
  • Upload the excel file in the web model on dashboard and click on Upload File button
Bulk Update Acronym

Search Acronyms

Users can search for an existing acronym in two ways:

Mention the bot in workplace posts or comments

User can use acronym bot by mentioning the keyword in either workplace posts or comments. Just mention Acronym bot in comments with the keyword e.g. @Acronym FYI or @Acronym What is FYI?

Query using Workplace Chat

User can send a message to acronym bot with the keyword or ask a query e.g. “What is [keyword]?”. The bot will respond with the correct meaning/definition if available in its repository, otherwise it will respond with a prompt to add the acronym in the repository and send it to admins for review and approval.

Search acronym     Search acronym

Manage & Approve Acronyms

Admins of the bot can accept, reject or edit the details of the acronyms submitted by users. Admin will receive a notification when a new acronym is added by a user. The admin can take any of the following actions - Accept, Reject or Edit acronym.

Bulk Update Acronym

Acronym Bot admin can manage all acronyms from huminos dashboard platform. This interface is used to add, edit or delete the acronym used by the bot.

The admin can perform the following actions:

  • Add Acronyms- single or bulk upload
  • Edit Acronyms- update single acronym
  • Delete Acronyms- delete single or multiple selected acronyms
  • Bulk Update- update multiple acronyms
  • Download Excel- download all the existing acronyms in an excel file
Bulk Update Acronym

Here the admin can view all the acronyms that are submitted by the users from the bot. Admin can edit and accept/reject the acronym.

Admin can also Accept or Reject multiple acronyms by selecting the checkboxes.

Bulk Update Acronym

Admin can view the list of all searched keywords/acronyms by the users which the bot was unable to answer due to its unavailability. Admin can view the list of all these keywords and add the relevant acronym details with description and reject those requests which should not be part of the acronym database.

Say Thanks For The Contribution

You can configure the bot to send automated thanks to the contributors when their submitted acronyms exceed specific usage. The acronym bot will send thanks message to the user when this threshold reaches. Check the configuration page to enable this.

Bulk Update Acronym

Admin actions via chat window

Admin of the bot can manage the bot from Workplace chat without going to Huminos web platform. Just type Hi in your chat and click on Manage button to view the actions.

  • Manage Admin
    Create a workplace group where all the members of the group will be the admins of the bot. Click on Manage Admins button and bot will create a secret group and add members to that admin group for access restriction. Admin of this group will be able to accept or reject new acronyms from users.
  • Add Acronym
    Click on Add Acronym button to upload multiple acronyms using an excel file (in a predefined format as provided by the bot).
  • Download
    Click on the Download button to download an excel sheet of existing acronyms.
  • Pending Acronyms
    By clicking on Pending Acronyms you can view a list of all acronyms which are pending for approval. You can add, edit or reject any of these acronyms.

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