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What is Acronym bot?

Acronym bot helps Workplace users to find the meaning of commonly used acronyms and jargon within their organization. It can be used to organize jargon and acronyms within the organization and create a knowledge management asset.

A Workplace user can search for an acronym in two ways -

  • via a comment to a post by mentioning the acronym bot and the acronym (e.g. @acronym FYI)
  • by opening the bot in workplace chat window and pinging the acronym text in the bot chat window .

Configuring Acronym bot can be easily activated on Workplace by registering on

Any Workplace user can submit a new acronym by giving acronym and its meaning. Such requests are sent to the bot admin for review who can then accept, reject or modify the acronym. Accepted acronyms will then be available for all users to search.

Yes, admins can view all requests for acronym additions at one place by messaging #admin to the acronym bot chat window and by clicking on the pending requests button.

Yes. Admins can download all existing acronyms by pinging #admin to the acronym bot chat window and by clicking download button.

Yes. Admins can upload multiple acronyms by downloading the sample file first, filling up the necessary details (acronym and its meaning) next and finally by uploading the excel into the bot chat window.

The bot will inform the user automatically when their request for adding an acronym is approved.