Configurations - Acronym Bot

As an admin you can choose the following configurations for the bot. On the Acronym bot dashboard, click on Configuration

  • Only admin group members can review the acronyms to be added

    Provide the name of Workplace group having all the admins as its members. These members will be responsible for approving and finalizing the acronyms to be added into the repository.
    Please ensure that you are the admin of the Workplace group you enter here. Only groups administered by you will be visible.

  • Choose to send an approval message to admins

    Check Send message to Admin for Acronym Approval to notify admins whenever a new acronym is added by a user and awaits admin approval. They can then approve, reject or edit it via Workplace chat.

  • Enable checkbox to send congratulatory message to the submitters of the acronym when its usage reaches a specific number
    • Threshold Usage Count for Thanks Trigger: Number of time the submitted acronym is searched by users
    • Thanks Trigger Frequency: Interval after which the bot should send the thanks message for the submitted contribution to company acronym repository

    When the acronym usage reaches the specified threshold, a congratulatory message is sent to the submitter of that acronym. Thereafter, congratulatory messages are sent at a usage frequency mentioned above.

  • This allows the bot to remind users who have not used the acronym in the last 30 days

    Users will receive a notification message in chat for not using/adding acronym within specified days.

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