How Basharsoft is using Helpdesk Bot on Workplace from Facebook to manage their HR, IT, and administrative requests remotely


With a team of almost 350 employees, BasharSoft is a high-tech company whose mission is to build efficient employment marketplaces and employment ecosystems. They enable social sustainability and positive economics by helping individuals and businesses at scale. They achieve this through technology-enabled platforms and services, partnerships, and thought leadership.

Their focus is on the emerging markets and help people and businesses with anything related to employment whether it’s business growth, education, mentoring, career opportunities, or otherwise. They want to improve people’s lives through sustainable employment.


BasharSoft was having issues tracking HR letters requested by team members since there are many types of such letters of different types and are specific to the user request.

They used to send all requests into a mailing group and manually input all tasks in an excel sheet to manage their SLA and track performance.


BasharSoft started using the helpdesk bot for managing all their HR, IT, and administrative requests, where team members are free to choose available service desks and get a status update on these requests via the chatbot. They also use it to manage their All hands question bank along with sending referrals for hiring.

They use the Campaign feature in Helpdesk bot to send important messages to their team members as its reach is better and measurable.


In a year, BasharSoft is able to migrate its internal service desk for employees to Workplace using the Helpdesk Bot. They resolved 350+ tickets raised from 50% of their employees with an average of 40% tickets resolved on the same day.

They are using the bot to automate their Ideation & HR referrals process by providing easily accessible forms via the Helpdesk Bot and to make important announcements company-wide via the campaign feature of the Helpdesk bot that is seen by 90% of the employees and able to manage all requests remotely.

How The Bot Helped


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