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Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.

How Team Computers Pvt. Ltd is using COVID-19 Bot on Workplace from Facebook to measure the well-being of the organization & spread awareness about Coronavirus
Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.


Team Computers (founded in 1987) is a bridge between business needs and the world of IT solutions. It has emerged as a leading IT Infrastructure and Information Solution Provider in the last three decades.

Team Computers having 25+ offices across India and 2,700+ members, have served 1000+ customers over a span of 31+ years and continue to bring an impact in many organizations.


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has brought uncertainty and disruption across the world. A big challenge for organizations is to ensure that their employees are supported, engaged and informed about any changes in the post covid world via regular and effective communication.


With the launch of COVID-19 Bot for Workplace, Team Computers is able to keep a check on their employees's well-being through surveys which can be answered quickly on Workplace Chat.

In the initial 15 days of the installation of the bot and as per their internal communication plan, they were able to use this platform to spread awareness about Coronavirus, safety tips, effective Work from Home policy changes, and related topics.


With the help of the COVID-19 Bot campaign feature, it has become easy for them to share important announcements directly into the employee's workplace chat instantly. They are also able to check out the reach of messages via campaign analytics.

In combination with the campaign & quiz feature, they were able to increase awareness & educate thier employees about the COVID-19 updates, prevention tips, manage stress, and COVID-19 myth busters. The survey helped them to check the pulse of thier organization and provided real-time results to analyze their key concerns.

How The Bot Helped

Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.

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