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Panasonic India

How Panasonic India is using COVID-19 Bot on Workplace from Facebook to communicate one-to-one, break myths among employees and gather information through surveys
Panasonic India


Panasonic has designated India as a regional hub to drive growth and build deeper inroads into the fast emerging Asiatic, Middle Eastern and Western economies. Starting from India, the company wants to create a know how to address consumers who are based out of India and then take the knowledge to emerging markets.
After knowing about the Workplace, around 1283 employees have joined the Workplace.


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has brought the world to a shrieking halt and made things around them so unpredictable. The other big challenge is to ensure their employees are supported, engaged and well informed about any new changes via regular communication that effectively reaches everyone.

There were no channels through which they could share maximum information related to COVID-19 in one go with every employee. Earlier they were using email as an option to spread the awareness, precautions and information related with COVID, however, it was not effective.


In this need of the hour, Panasonic India truly belives that employees need to overcome all dilemmas through facts shared by their organization.

The COVID-19 Bot has made things easy for communicating one-to-one on Workplace chat, breaking myths among employees using informative campaign and quizzes, FAQ on Covid-19 outbreak using the campaigns, data collection & gathering information through surveys, and many more.

As a Workplace Partner, Team Computers Private limited helped Panasonic India in the launch of COVID-19 bot and derive great value.


This is where the COVID-19 Bot helped them to keep their employees informed about recent changes in the policies, share resources due to COVID-19.

They were able to measure the pulse of the organization and facilitate solutions quickly based on the survey results. The Work from Home survey helped them to identify the awareness, work-life balance, productivity, and finding out problems that were being faced by their employees.

How The Bot Helped

Panasonic India

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