Save the Children

Save the Children

How the Acronym Bot is helping the staff at Save the Children organization in finding the meaning of jargons instantly & saving time.
Save the Children


Save the Children is an organization that strives to create a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation. With 25,000 dedicated staff across 118 countries, Save the Children responds to major emergencies, delivers innovative development programs, and ensures children's voices are heard, to build a better future for and with children.


Like most large organizations Save the Children has adopted a unique language, that is full of acronyms. Some are very common, and others more obscure and sometimes be it can hard to understand emails, Skype calls, and presentations.


The Acronym Bot by Huminos was a great help and become our staff’s go-to for decoding acronyms and abbreviations, saving time, and improving the important transfer of knowledge.

The bot is easy to use and it is simple to add new entries so it develops and evolves with us. The administration interface has great analytics to help give insights into how people are using the bot and what acronyms are the most in-demand.


In the year since introducing the Acronym Bot the library of jargon has grown to over 2000+ unique entries and was used over 7000 times by staff all over the world. People have really embraced the bot as one of the team, it’s hard to imagine getting by without it now.

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