Overview - Knudge Bot for Microsoft Teams

Knudge bot enables team to easily share and gather feedback with their subordinates, peers and managers about their work. After installing the bot into the Microsoft Teams, please add it to a Team to sync the members who should be able to use the bot & access the dashboard.

Members can go to the bot and send the message 'Hi/Hello' to the bot to receive the action button to share, request or view the feedback shared and received.

Knudge bot for Microsoft Teams
What makes it so special??

Share feedback with peers

Users can share the feedback requested by peers or initiate new feedback to share. Your shared feedback goes back to the user who requested the feedback or the user that is selected while initiating new feedback into the knudge bot chat.

To share a feedback:
  • Click on the action button Share Feedback
  • Select the feedback user (User about the feedback is given)
  • Add the title of feedback (Feedback about the work)
  • Add appreciative feedback
  • Add developmental feedback
  • Click on Submit Feedback button to share with user
Share Feedback

Request feedback from peers

The knudge bot allows the user to request feedback from their peers & managers about their work. You can request feedback for yourself or add some other user. The notification to share their feedback goes to all the users that are added to the list of feedback giver.

To request a feedback:
  • Click on the action button Request Feedback
  • Select the feedback user (default is logged-in user)
  • Add the title of feedback (Feedback about the work)
  • Select the list of users who should provide the feedback
  • Click on Request Feedback button to share with user
Request Feedback

View all shared & received feedback

Every user and the manager can access all the received & shared feedback using the Knudge bot. Managers have the ability to view the feedback of their team members.

How to view all feedbacks:
  • Click on the action button View Feedback
  • You can see all the feedback shared and received in 2 tabs
  • Managers can view the list of their team members and activity
  • Select the team member's profile to view their shared & received feedback
View Feedback

View your & team activity dashboard

View the detailed insights on the feedback you have received and shared over the period through interactive charts. You should be able to view your pending feedback any time using the Dashboard tab.

View the feedback Dashboard
  • View the number of feedback recevied, shared and requests based on time period
  • Feedback activity chart based on the time
  • Widget to show your pending feedback requests
  • Widget to show your recent activities
  • View the complete report of the feedback shared/ received and requests with multiple filters and take quick action
View Feedback Dashboard

Request feedback from the channel

The Knudge bot can be used in your Teams channel. You can use the bot to request feedback from your peers within the channel using the following commad @Knudge @user1 @user2 Feedback subject.

How to use
  • Mention the bot in the channel
  • Mention the users whom you wish to request the feedback
  • Write your feedback subject and enter
  • Knudge will send a personal message to the users requesting the feedback
View Feedback Dashboard

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