Overview - Meetup Bot

Chatbot that enables organizations of varying sizes to launch an interactive networking program by providing all employees with monthly introductions based on their aims and interests!

Create a Meetup Group

Meetup helps teammates to connect on Slack via direct message, introduce each other, and encourage them to meet or chat remotely. Meetup bot enables you to increase engagement and create connections between employees who share similar interests across departments or locations.

To bring those people together who are interested to meet each other, you just need to create a simple channel on Slack and map this channel to the meetup group on the huminos dashboard.

How to create a Meetup group?

On Slack

  • Create a public channel on the Slack and invite the bot into this channel /invite @Meetup
  • Invite the participants to this channel or this can be done later once the group settings are completed and published

On Huminos Dashboard

  • Go to Manage Meetups menu on the dashboard
  • Click on the button Create Group
  • Enter the name and description of the group (this will be visible to all users in Slack before they join the channel)
  • Map the channel that is created on Slack in the previous section (make sure you have added the bot into the same channel)
  • Add a cover image for your channel
  • Click on Add button to create the meetup group

Great! You have a meetup group mapped with your channel. Do not worry it will not be visible to any other users until it is launched. Let’s learn more about the group configuration that can be managed by an admin.

Create Meetup Channel
Create Meetup Channel

Add Meetup Group Configurations

Once your meetup group is created, as an admin you should configure the group to set the matching days for users, feedback interval & the matching criteria.

Let’s learn more about the meetup group configuration & controls:

1. Meetup Configuration
  • Matching Days: You can choose the number of days on which the bot creates a meetup between the two users based on their shared preferences. You can enable the day of the week on which the meetup should be created for the users. The minimum is to select 1 day or maximum you can select all the days in a week.
  • Notification Time for meetup & Feedback: At this time the bot sends new introductions to matched users and asks for their meetup feedback on Slack.
  • Feedback Interval: Number of days after the introduction, the bot should seek for feedback from the matched users
  • Working Days: Set the working days of your organization so that users do not receive any message on their off days.
  • Matching Algorithm Configuration: This is the most important step for your meetup group configuration as this is responsible for matching the people and introducing them on slack.

    Please note that you need to map & sync the user location & department fields with the huminos platform under the Setup menu. If these data is not available in your slack profile then matching rules will not be applied to these fields.

    There are three fields to match the user

    • Location: The administrator can set location as a matching criteria for new meetups. There are three options to choose from:
      • Same - Users of the same locations are matched
      • Different - Users are matched only from different locations
      • Don’t care - The location is not used for matching users.
    • Department: The administrator can set a department as a matching criteria for new meetups. There are three options to choose from:
      • Same - Users of the same department are matched
      • Different - Users are matched only from different department
      • Don’t care - The department is not used for matching users.
    • User Interest: Enable this field to use the Matching questions for creating new meetups. The response of the Matching questions would be used to match the users on a similar response. Mark the interest field as mandatory criteria for meetups.

    NOTE: If these three fields are not used as mandatory fields for matching then as admin you can define the priority of these fields for the new meetups.

2. Meetup Questions

Admin can set up questions for each Meetup group. These questions are used to find out the interests of users and also help as conversation starters when new meetups are created. These questions are asked from the users when they join the meetup channel on slack and helps the bot to create a match based on the user's response to these questions if user interest is enabled in meetup criteria.

Admin can set up three types of questions for a Meetup group(Question Purpose Type):

  • Matching: Answer of this question is used to match two people while creating a new meetup
  • Introduction: Answer of this question is used to only display in the introduction message while creating meetup. It is not used to match people.
  • Introduction & Matching Question: This type of question is used in both matching for meetup & introduction message.
  • An admin can add up to 5 questions for each meetup group. Once the meetup group is launched and users have started sharing their preferences, the admin can also see analytics of these questions.

Meetup launch
3. Meetup Introduction Message

Admin has the option to personalize the introduction message for each meetup group. Once a new match is created between 2 users, this introduction message will be posted in the group chat.

If the user profile has the location & department fields available then the bot automatically uses this data in the introduction message. All the questions are marked as for Introduction and Introduction & Matching will be listed as dynamic placeholders in the introduction message as per their question sequence (e.g. question number 1 response will be visible as questionResponse1 placeholder). Admin can use these placeholders available in the introduction message and create their own message.

Meetup launch
4. Launch Meetup & Notify Members

Once your configuration for the meetup group is complete you can click on the Launch Now button to send notifications to all the participants who are already a member of the channel in which the meetup group is mapped.

These users will receive a message from the bot to update their preference so that they are considered in the next cycle of creating meetups based on user meetup frequency and the day selected by the admin in the meetup group configuration.

Users who are not part of the channel can directly go to the channel on slack and join it. Once they are part of the meetup channel, the bot will ask them their preference and they are eligible for matchups with other members of the channel with similar interests.

Meetup launch
Meetup launch

Add/Update Your Interests

This section helps the team members to set up their preferences once they become part of the meetup channel. Users can enroll themself into the meetup group from the Home tab of the bot and see all the available groups they can join or admin can invite them to channel.

As soon as the user joins the group the bot sends a message to the user and asks the questions set up by the admin to start creating a match. Once the user provides a response to all the questions and submits their response, the bot starts creating a match for the user from the next matchup cycle. There is one more question that is available for the user to set up their meetup frequency i.e. every week, every 2 weeks or every month. Based on the user preference the bot will start creating the match for the user.

Update preference

Introduction To New Connection

The Meetup Bot starts creating matches based on the configuration setup by the admin for the group and personal frequency set by the user to meet a new connection.

The bot creates a new group between the people in Slack and sends an introduction message including details of their location and department in addition to the introduction response.

Users can now start conversations with each other in the same group and schedule a time to meet over lunch or coffee or chat remotely as per their convenience.

Update preference

Share Your Feedback On The Meetup

Once a meetup is created and the introduction is completed between two people on Slack the bot asks for their feedback on the meeting to share with other members of their organization.

The matches users are asked if they did meet, how was their meetup (good or not so good) & share their feedback (optionally even a picture or a video) which may be posted in their meetup channel based on their consent.

This helps in sharing interesting information with other members and creating a positive feedback loop.

Update preference

Meetup Analytics

As an admin, gather actionable insights into the meetup culture and trends in your organisation.

  • Measure bot usage and traction with data points like Total Matches, Meeting counts, Good feedback, etc.
  • View question-wise analytics on the response provided by the users.

You can download all these reports in the required format for future reference.

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