Admin, Agent & User Actions

Learn to use the Helpdesk bot for Slack to search answer for FAQs, create a ticket, assign an agent to the ticket or resolve the ticket from slack chat.

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Below links will help you understanding of the bot and how can the User/Desk Owner and Desk Agent can take action on it to assign ticket or training an intent

User: Search for an Answer

Searching for an answer only works if the Auto Answer is enabled and intents and sample questions are added in the app.

Any user can go to the Helpdesk bot in Slack via direct message option, enter their question and send the message to the bot. The bot will start checking the answer with the highest confidence and send the response to the user if the search text matched with the training questions.

Below are the steps to send a query to the bot

  • Go to the Helpdesk Bot via Direct message and click on Message tab
  • Enter the question and send the message in the chat
  • Bot responds with a message
  • Bot asks for the feedback if the given answer helps the user or not
  • If the user selects Satisfied option, the bot sends a thank you message
  • If the user selects Not Satisfied option, the bot send the similar response or provide an option to Raise an issue
Auto answer chat

User: Create Ticket

User can directly raise a ticket by using the Raise Issue button available on Home tab. If auto answer is enabled for your Helpdesk Bot, you will get the option of Raise Issue if the bot response for your searched text is not available or the user is not satisfied with the answer.

For example: You can create desk type like Internet, Email, Software Access within IT Helpdesk

  • User creates a new issue by using the Raise Issue button available on Home tab
  • Bot will show a list of existing desks for which the user can add an issue
  • Select a desk and a type associated with the desk
  • Select a Desk Type and answer the questions that follow (seeking further information about the issue).
  • Bot will ping in message tab if an attachment is required for raising the issue, you can add the attachment or click on Skip this step
  • Your issue will be created and posted to the desk owner. User will receive an issue Id regarding the ticket created.
  • The new issue will be submitted the owner of the desk will get a notification (In case Manual assignment is configured). If Direct Assignment is configured, bot will automatically assign agents to the issue in a round-robin fashion. Learn more about Assignment Type configuration here
  • Users can view all their issues and their status of the Home tab of the Helpdesk Bot
  • Users will receive updates about the issue status or any remark added to the issue in chat.
  • Users can respond via chatbot on status update and provide inputs to the desk agent for further communication.
Raise an Issue

User: Remind An Agent Or Reopen A Ticket

A user can go to the open issue in the Home tab of the Helpdesk Bot or click on My Issues button on home tab

  • Mark Resolved: User can close an open ticket by clicking this option.
  • Repond to Agent: User can remind the agent to resolve an issue.
  • Issue Details: User can see all the updates and comments posted by the agent in issue timeline.

Once a user issue is resolved by the agent, the user get two option with the notification. Share feedback or Reopen Ticket. User can share their feedback on the issue resolution or reopen the ticket if they are not satisfied with the resolution.

Reopen Issue

Desk Owner: Assign A Ticket To Self Or Agent

Desk owner receives a instant notification from the chatbot when a new issue is raised on their desk if issue assignment type is manual. Each issue ticket gets created as a post in the channel mapped with the desk with issue details and issue id.

Owner can go to the post or act on the message received by the bot and assign that issue to mapped agent (setup in the desk configuration) who will work on the resolution of the issue. Only one agent can be assigned to an issue.

Owner can also assign the ticket to self or any other agent associated with the desk in the list.

Select on one of the options for the assignment and the issue will be assigned to the agent immediately with a notification in the chat


Desk Agent: Update Status

Agent will receive notifications from the chatbot whenever a new ticket is assigned to them by the Desk Owner or if the ticket is assigned directly from the bot.

Once a ticket is assigned to an agent, the agent can Update Status or click on More Actions for other activities.

More Options

An Agent can take the following actions

  • Post Comment: Agent can post a comment which will be sent to the requester and requester can respond back. This comment also gets associated with the ticket history.
  • Reassign:Agent can reassign the ticket to other agent.
  • Change Desk:Agent can change the desk if the raised issue is not related to the current desk.
  • Change Desk Type:Agent can change the desk type if the current type is not correct.

On every update on the ticket, the user get notification from the bot.

Update Issue

Agent can update the status of the issue in Slack chat or using the webview if it is enabled for their Helpdesk Bot. The issue status can be updated in the following status.

  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Rejected
  • Resolved

Desk Owner/Agent can provide additional comments with Status Update that gets added into the transaction history associated with the ticket and a notification is sent out to the issue creator in workplace chat.

Issue Action
Update Status

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